Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Back into the swing of things!

*Big SIGH*

So, BEA 2010 is over and I miss it already! Mobs and masses of book loving folk. What can be better than that?? Well, as it turns out, a cabin on a lake in Wisconsin for Memorial Day weekend was pretty darn awesome, too.

I have a lot of pictures and stories to share with you and will get those posts up soon. The camera and it's USB cord are currently with the boyfriend and I need those images to accurately punctuate my titillating tales. Oooh, I'm sure you're practically vibrating with anticipation!

While I wait on that, I will reinsert myself into the media filled world and spend my time getting caught up on the news (Gary Coleman died??), emails, RSS feeds, and project follow-ups. I have gobs of goodies and fun stuff to give away (I met a Pulitzer Prize winning author! How cool is that?) and can't wait to start hosting those. I think you're going to love what I have for you.

For now, I will hit up the grocery store to get a fresher version of whatever smells funky in the fridge. I also need to find some vegetables to graze on as the Javits Center diet, quickly followed by the grilled meat weekend has left me feeling blah.

I hope you had an amazing Memorial Day weekend!


Violet said...

looks like you had tons of fun, cannot wait for the pics.

Bookfool said...

Welcome back, Lisa!!!

bermudaonion said...

It was so good seeing you again!

Anna said...

It was so much fun hanging out with you! TG absolutely loved you.

Diary of an Eccentric

Lisa Roe said...

Hi Violet! Hope the pics were worth waiting for. ;-)

Thanks, Bookfool! I have so much catching up to do with you!

bermudaonion, next year you and I need to set up a lunch or dinner so we can really chat!

Anna: I had such a great time doing dinner with you gals. TG is so stinking cute! And well on her way to a glorious career in publishing!

Serena said...

Loved dinner with you in NYC...and the tales of the subway ride from Queens. I can't wait to see your recap!