Thursday, February 26, 2009

Coming Clean

Do you do it? Are you one of them? The they who openly and brazenly thrust their fetish on an unsuspecting public?

I do. And I am.

I'm a book sniffer. If you happen upon me in the aisles of an old, used bookstore, you will catch a glimpse of my closed eyes over the spine of a book. With nose stuffed into the open pages of a yellowed, beaten copy, I huff in...that smell. The full bodied bouquet of must, experience, wisdom, aged thoughts.

Nothing else in the world has that smell and an attempt at duplication would fail miserably. It's the sweet comforting perfume of freedom of thought, beauty in words, and unleashed imagination.

So, now that you're in a safe place, it's time to come clean with your fixation. Are you a slow sniffer, quick whiffer, or completely unmoved by the scent of a book?

Thursday, February 19, 2009

BEA 2009 info for Book Bloggers

I know that there has been massive confusion in regards to book bloggers and registration for Book Expo America (BEA) 2009 in NYC.

I made some phone calls and hope I can help out everyone who would like to attend. For book bloggers who would like to attend, you must register, starting with this page. You must register as a 'Book Industry Professional'. The cost will be $295. That cost is whether you attend one day, or all three days of the convention. I know, expensive!

You may disregard the 'your name on letterhead' that is asked for verification. I was told that is only a requirement for on-site registration. Once you fill out the registration form, you print the page with your badge number and bar code and bring that with you to the convention to receive your badge.

I attempted to see if I could have folks attend as a friend of mine, but it seems that cost is the same as the industry professional: $295. They're way too hip to my attempts at trickery!

I really hope that many of you are able to attend and please contact me to let me know if you will be.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

How do you follow authors?

I was emailing with a blogger friend the other day. In the course of conversation, she mentioned a particular author and the recent film based on one of his books. I told her that I hadn't seen the film, or read the book, but I would probably get around to it since I've read a couple of the author's other books and am getting around to finishing his other ones. Sound weird?

Well, I read every book by every author I read. It's true. This doesn't include books in a series! Once I pick something up something by an author, I'm compelled to read everything else they've written.

It might be something of a given that I need to somewhat enjoy the first book picked up. But if I find even one morsel of material that I like (sometimes it can be the use of words I enjoy, a witty phrase that stays with me, or good description), I'm in for the long haul with that writer.

I think it's fascinating to read a book by someone, find out what else they've done, check that out and make comparisons between present writing and earlier work. As the influences in a writer's life changes, it is reflected in their work and their writing picks up on those characteristics, telling a story beneath the one being read.
The result of my interest is that my bookshelves look like a library, with multiple titles by each author, represented.

What is your reading pattern

Monday, February 9, 2009

I've been tagged!

The ladies over at GirlsJustReading, tagged me for a meme! I'm excited since it's my first one: List 6 Things That Make Me Happy!! Life in general seems to have been stressful and tough for everyone lately, so I have to say that it feels pretty good to focus on some good! I chose to use images to help fully encompass several initial thoughts I had. And in no particular order:

The Rules are as follows:
Link to the person who has tagged you. Write down six things that make you happy. Post the rules then tag six others (Bookfool, J.Danger, bethany, A Reader's Journal, Library Girl Reads, Keeper of the Snails) and let them know you did it. When your entry is complete, tell the person who tagged you.

~*~* Have fun! ~*~*

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

To Caribou's Mom:

You're one of the first bloggers I ever reached out and offered books to. I was such an online novice, I spent days aimlessly wandering the net, just seeing what I might stumble across.

In the beginning, I had trouble keeping everyone straight (URL's, blog names, pseudonyms, and backgrounds), but I always remembered you as the 'dog lady'. My boss raised her eyebrow at your blog name, probably thinking you had gone the way of celebrities and chosen the name for a child. I explained your story to her.

Knowing you and Caribou through this medium was my first taste of the work I would later take on. It was then that I knew I wanted to foster my new online relationships. I loved reading about Caribou's adoption as a young pup, runt, and defiant, blanket shredder. I followed along through the story of how Caribou brought you to the man who would become your husband, and her training to become a certified search and rescue dog.

Then Caribou got sick. Our little furbabies aging quicker than the years passing on the calendar. And I find myself writing a condolence post in her honor.

Caribou: your future adventures must now be imagined, but your past ones will never be forgotten.

Caribou's story is here.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Bible Illuminated Winners!!!

Happy Monday, all!

Thanks so much to all who entered the Bible Illuminated giveaway that was part of the BloggyGiveaway Carnival week. I hope everyone had fun and won lots of stuff!

So, there were 99 people who entered this giveaway. Since I don't host many giveaways and can't imagine paying for a subscription, I used one of their free options: the List Randomizer. I entered in all 99 participants, and the 5 at the top of the list are:
  1. Joanne
  2. robin titan
  3. Shannon
  4. Megret
  5. Valerie
Congrats!! I have sent emails out to the 4 winners whose mailing addresses I don't have. (Lucky you, Joanne, I already have yours!) If the others do not reply with their mailing addresses by Friday, February 6, I will choose the next folks from the list.

Thanks again and have a great day!