Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Banned Books and my Absence

Hello All!

This blog looks slightly neglected and I want to let you know I'm still here! I've been wrapping up a couple of campaigns and doing some other behind the scenes work. I did not take on any new projects for the past month or so, so that I could devote some time to launching MilwaukeeReads!, my site dedicated to highlighting reading and other book related events in my area. 

While building the following for that site, I met a woman named Lori, who has a local food based blog called Burp! (we love exclamation points in Milwaukee!!) She sent me a DM on Twitter, expressing her love for books. I replied that I love food...and a beautiful friendship was formed! lol

I stated that I was interested in doing a book and food related event and she asked what I had in mind. An email or so later, and BANNED: Taboo Books, Bites & Libations was born! We immediately began planning the event around Banned Books Week and decided all proceeds would benefit our local libraries. We upped the 'taboo' factor by including samples of absinthe and raw milk cheese into the mix! 

So the past month has been spent pulling every resource we have available to us to make this event a successful one. The event is tomorrow and I finally feel as though I have a second to breathe. We're so thankful to the authors, publishers and local businesses that have contributed items to the silent auction (check out the list here) and look forward to celebrating our freedom to read together! 

So we will be back to regularly scheduled programming soon! In the meantime, how have you celebrated Banned Books Week?


Angelique said...

I read (and fell in love with( Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson =)

Violet said...

Sounds like an awesome event. All the best!!!

Michelle Stockard Miller said...

How funny that I was just thinking about you lately and then I come across your post in my reader! That event sounds awesome...hope it was a success! I celebrated BBW by doing a series of posts on my blog. I always like to raise awareness of this important event.

Welcome back!

Lisa Roe said...

Vampires and Tofu: Speak is on my TBR. I've heard such wonderful things about it, can't wait to get to it.

Thanks, Violet! It was wonderful!

Michelle: I was very pleased with how many people truly celebrated BBW. The support we received was incredible! And now I'm back in the game again! Wa-hoo!