To Your Dog's Health!

To Your Dog's Health! Canine Nutrition and Recent Trends Within the Pet Food Industry
by Mark Poveromo

Poor Man's Press, February 2010
Paperback, 104 pages, $14.95
ISBN-13: 978-0984301706

Interested in offering your pet meals beyond the pried open can or the bag of dried kibble? Perhaps you have an older pet, or one with a specific need that needs to be addressed through diet (cancer, kidney disease), or you're just looking for a more holistic approach to pet care.

Do you know if your pet's dry food is fried, baked, pressure-cooked, or dehydrated? In To Your Dog's Health, author Mark Poveromo discusses not only the method involved in creating each type and the effect it has on the overall nutrition, but suggests healthy alternatives which lead to healthier, more active lifestyles for your pets.

He offers a variety of nutrition solutions from a raw diet to home cooked (which is great for those with home gardens). There are even recipes to help get you started! Also included is a chapter that lists and describes several of the best processed foods on the market today.

Armed with this slim guide, you have the tools and guidance necessary to choose the best method of care for your pet, ensuring the time you have together is full of happy, healthy days!

''If you are what you eat then so are your canine companions. Unfortunately, we have been incredibly blind sided by the false science handed to us by the pet food industry. As a result, Mans Best Friend has suffered. Mark, in his book, To Your Dog s Health, concisely and in a very clear cut manner, reveals to us the truth about proper canine nutrition. A must read for every person caring for a dog.'' -Martin Goldstein, D.V.M. & host of "Ask Martha's Vet" on Sirius Satellite

To learn more about Mark, watch video segments, or read an article featuring him in Dog Fancy and Pet Business Magazine, please visit here.
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BookHounds: "
I am giving this book to my brother to try out on his new puppy and I am going to switch over my dogs to a more natural diet."

Spatter: "'s a good book with good information and is a good it's a good jumping off point into the world of alternative health and nutrition for dogs."

Going Like Sixty:
"If you have dogs, you’ve heard that it’s bad to feed them “table food.” Come to find out, if you’re eating right, your dog will be eating better than if you feed them dry kibbles."

Suko's Notebook: "
I enjoyed reading this book, which is a good guide book for dog owners with an interest in optimum canine nutrition."

Libby's Library News: "
Little book with Lot's of info."

Amber Stults:
"This book is a quick read that explains how to make or pick a nutritious food for your dog."

Good Girl Gone Redneck: "
I could tell that Mark truly cares for animals, not just his dogs, but yours and mine, too!"

The Crazy Life of a Bookaholic Mom: "
It is a very interesting book to read especially after all the pet food recalls in recent years. The book was easy to read and understand."

Adventures in Every Day
Just like humans, our pets are what they eat, and we owe it to them to make sure we give them the best nutrition possible.

The Bookworm: "
This book has been an eye opener when it comes to my dog's eating habits and the food that I chose to give him."

Reading at the Beach: "Everyone who is owned by a dog needs this book. It's full of helpful information."