Thursday, June 10, 2010

Pay for a peek behind the curtain?

I found this article on PW today and wonder what others think about it.

To sum up: A&E is debuting a show on July 11 called The Glades. They have teamed up with B&N and are offering the pilot script as a print and e-book. You can download it here, or receive a hard copy with any order placed through July, or in store, while supplies last.

It's an interesting concept, offering the text of the first episode to viewers before it premieres, so I headed over to check it out. I was theater major in college and enjoyed reading plays. It's a different reading experience and I was curious how they would present it to a general reader.

I headed over to the B&N site, set up an account (because they made me. I have never ordered from their site before) and got to downloadin! *spinney wheel that makes things happen, spinney wheel that makes things happen...*

Then it asked me for my credit card info. Wha? It will be kept on file and used for future purchases. For a free download. They want my credit card info.

So while I wish A&E and B&N well on their marketing venture together, I'm sorry to say that I will not be participating. But what about you? Would you give them the info they want for the free download? What if they begin charging for these items? Woud you pay? What upcoming shows would you purchase the premiere script for?

With hindsight, I wish I had something like that for LOST, but I also happen to like a lot of shows that get cancelled pretty quickly (I really liked Eastwick), so I don't know if I can trust my judgment. I feel like several folks would have loved a peek at
Pretty Little Liars...


Teddy Rose said...

No way! That's ridiculous! I understand when they ask for your credit card for a free trial offer, they need a way to charge you if you keep the item but not for something that is suppose to be totally free.

Kristen M. said...

I'm the same as you ... I will hit the point where they ask for the credit card info (or other personal info that's not relevant) and I just stop and leave the site.

As for if I would pay for the scripts in general? Probably not. I have enough other things to read. I'll keep my tv watching and my reading separate for now. :)

LuAnn said...

I would never give credit card information for something that's free. I've downloaded free books from other sites that sell them, as well, and they didn't ask for a credit card.

Unknown said...

Me either. Doesn't seem right needing your credit card info for something free.

It's kinda like the "free glasses" promo a website was offering last week. They were offering 500 pairs of free glasses, but then you had to pay shipping.

How is that free? That's what I wanna know. I didn't get them. You can have your "free" glasses thank you very much.

Bookfool said...

Absolutely no way in heck should anyone ever, ever enter credit card info when not making a purchase. It's dangerous!! Good move.

I love reading scripts, too. Occasionally, I'll read a book and its movie script and compare them, although I haven't done that for several years. It's fun to see where changes have been made and theorize as to why they made those changes. Sometimes, it's really puzzling -- even when you see the movie.

Paula Schuck said...

Lisa: I agree with you. It sounded like a clever idea, but when it came right down to it just a ploy to get money or even worse on line information from credit cards. I would have run for the hills too.


Kerry said...

Nope! Wouldn't give the info. I hate that. It's like calling a restaurant that wants your cc info to hold a reservation... weirds me out.

Lisa Roe said...

Teddy Rose: I thought it was silly, too, but then I wondered if there was a show that meant enough to me that I would do it for. But when it's a new show, you never know! It might not last long enough to be worth it.

Kristen M.: Free items are becoming more and more complicated to get. I tried to print a coupon once and it told me I had to download a program b/c their system didn't work with my printer! WHAT?! That's just silly. All the morning shows always encourage you to save $ by using coupons, but who has that kinda time for 50¢?

LuAnn: Good to know that others don't do it. I figured most people already have info logged into the B&N site and I was the loner here.

Amanda DaybyDay: And I bet shipping costs about the same as the original cost of the glasses, right? Sheesh.

Bookfool: I've never read a movie script! But it sounds fun to do the compare/contrast you mentioned.

thriftymomma: I was mostly just sort of surprised and shocked. I imagine that if you pick it up in the store, they don't require your credit card info, so why online? Does B&N really not have the capability to turn that function off?

Kerry: I've never understood the cc for a reservation thing! I guess if it's super fancy and they're going to charge you something if you don't show, but in general it's just strange to have that info hanging out in a reservation book that sits out for the whole world to see!

Serena said...

I certainly wouldn't be offering my credit card information for a free download! Forget it.

Lisa Roe said...

Serena: it is sort of an odd request, isn't it? There's a B&N right near me, so I figure they would appreciate foot traffic more, so I don't order from their site. Meh.