Monday, December 7, 2009

The Dewey Tree entry list

If you have participated in The Dewey Project by donating books, then enter now for the custom tote drawing! Leave a comment below briefly stating what you donated and where (feel free to use links to your organization). This will count as your entry, plus bring awareness to others who may want to give, but need suggestions or inspiration to do so.

If you do have pics of your donation, please send them to me (onlinepublicist [AT] gmail [DOT] com) and I will happily feature it on my blog.

Thank you again for helping to make this a happy reading holiday for someone.


Libby's Library said...
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Libby's Library said...

What a wonderful idea.

Since this past August, I have donated 10 books to my local library. and 48 books to the
Polk Education Foundation.

The PEF is in Bartow, Florida.
To learn more about this organization you can go here:

I will be sending another box soon, so I will be sure to include
"In Memory of Dewey" in each of the books that I send. I will also be happy to take a photo and send it to you.

Thanks so much!


Michelle Stockard Miller said...

I have put the button up on my main blog and my Christmas blog. I will be donating some books, probably to the Friends of the Library, but no pics because...ick, a pic of me...and my cameras take pretty terrible pics...LOL! I will come back and post once I've donated. You are great for doing something so wonderful in Dewey's memory.

Elizabeth said...

Okay, here's a link to my post with a picture of what I'm donating -

Thanks for such a great opportunity!!

TexasRed said...

Great idea! Here's my post and pics: TexasRed Books

Bookfool said...

I've donated 51 books to the Friends of the Library, since your first post about The Dewey Tree. And, I have another bag full. I probably won't get around to taking a photo, but if I do I'll come back!!

Amy J said...

Sent you the email of my daughter donating to her school library!
They were so thrilled to get new books for their system! They said that no one donates to them so they were excited!
Amy J

Unknown said...

Ever since my niece entered a Christian rehab, I've made it a monthly committment to donate a box full of books to the girls at the center.

Some of them never read an entire book for pleasure until I donated books. Jerry B. Jenkins graciously sent the girls each a personal copy of "Riven" when he found out the length of the waiting list for the one copy I was able to donate!

This Christmas, I was able to gather and send down 4 boxes full of books to the Madera Rescue Mission and Rehabilitation Center, and hope to ship another box SOON!

Marilu said...

I donated approximately 15 books to the local food bank. They were put in a room where clients can help themselves to clothes , books, and whatever else that they may need.
I also purchased 5 children's books and donated them to The Salvation Army's Christmas Toy Drive. I have another stack of books that are ready to go out today. I will try to get you a picture!

Andi said...

I give most of my books away through Bookmooch, but this year, I used some of the points I had accumulated there and donated to some worthwhile charities - like organizations that build libraries in developing nations and help at-risk girls find good reading material. Thanks for doing this, Lisa.

Beth F said...

I donated two full grocery bags of books to the AAUW for their annual book sale for scholarships. Unfortunately, I forgot my camera when I when to drop off the books.

I'd say I donated close to 30 books of several genres.

Thanks for hosting this, Lisa. It's a great idea.

Hoarders Extraordinaire said...

I donated many books to the nursing home that I was staying in - many audio books as well as others for the residents to read. I also donated some to the residents activity fund for them to raffle off to raise money for activities and crafts for the residents.

I also donated quite a few to our local thrift shop where money is raised to fund a food pantry for local residents.

All in all I've probably donated over one hundred books over the course of this past year.

Libby's Library said...

I took a photo of the box that I sent out the week before Christmas.
The Polk Education Foundation was closed for the holidays (as they work the same schedule as the schools), so it was sent to my friends home. Didn't want to post her name and mailing address.

Would you like me to ask her to send you verification?

I'll be continuing to send books to The Polk Education Foundation throughout 2010. I've also found another wonderful cause. It is for Battle Buddies (women soldiers). I'll get the link to you soon.

Thanks so much!


Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa, great idea! I donated 3 full bags of books to our local library and another two bags to my daughter's school library. I've got another bag of books to take over today and will try to remember to get a picture. Thanks for inspiring people to donate books! Much better to pass them along for others to read instead of letting them collect dust on your shelves!

Bianca Schulze & Luisa LaFleur said...

We donated 40 books to the Pajama Program. No picture, but it felt good!

abookblogger said...

Great project, Lisa. I dropped off around 6-8 boxes of books at my local library. They were ever so happy, especially when I didn't even ask for a tax rebate form :)

Thanks and Happy New Year!!

mpartyka said...

Thanks for the reminder Lisa! I donated several books to our local hospital (which was a must after having to visit there last fall only to find no reading materials).

As you know I'm also raising monies to buy a camel for the Kenya Bookmobile. I have about 60 books to exchange for money at Half Price Books but with all the snow we have had here over the past few weeks I haven't been able to get there (my family of 3 drivers was down to just one car for 3 weeks).

Thanks for all you do!

I look forward to a successful 2010, Mari

Sam Sattler said...

I donated 10 books to my local hospital for use in the waiting areas or for resale at $1 each to anyone stuck in the hospital with nothing to keep them from going stir-crazy. I spend some time there with my father on occasion, and finding something to read is always a relief...especially at $1. (The dollar goes into a special hospital fund to buy other things for patient use.)

Heather J. @ TLC Book Tours said...

I donated a small stack of books to my local library; they are going on to the sale shelf to raise money for the library. I'll be sending a pic to you asap!