Talk To Me Like I'm Someone You Love

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TALK TO ME LIKE I’M SOMEONE YOU LOVE: Relationship Repair in a Flash
by Nancy Dreyfus

Tarcher/Penguin spiral-bound paperback
978-1585427703; $16.95; 2-color

Nearly every relationship guide urges couples to improve their lines of communication, become better listeners and be more open about their fears and feelings. But how do you choose the right words in the heat of the moment? And how do you keep your tone and inflection from mangling the message you want to communicate?

Veteran psychotherapist Nancy Dreyfus provides a groundbreaking solution in TALK TO ME LIKE I’M SOMEONE YOU LOVE: Relationship Repair in a Flash. An insightful guide and a unique tool, TALK TO ME highlights the power of written messages to defuse tension and put an end to conflict, offering both sound advice and more than 100 “flash cards for real life” that can be utilized in the heat of the moment. Organized by theme, the flash cards include such messages as:

• Shifting Gears:
“I don’t need you to see this exactly as I do. But I do need you to hear where I am coming from.”
• Taking Responsibility: “I can see that my anger has been destructive and that I’ve really hurt you.”
• Getting Clarification:
“I can absolutely see why you’d be annoyed with me, but can you give me some sign that we’re still friends?"
• Apologizing:
“I’m sorry I made such a big deal out of something so unimportant.”

Dreyfus has used the cards in her sessions and in her life. Now, in TALK TO ME LIKE I’M SOMEONE YOU LOVE, she brings this one-of-a-kind relationship tool, along with her extensive and insightful “field notes,” to a broader audience.

Nancy Dreyfus , Psy.D., is a psychotherapist and couples therapist with more than two decades of experience. She holds a doctorate degree from Hahnemann University Medical School. Visit her online at

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