About My Work: For Clients

Hello and welcome to my site! If you are a publisher, distributor, or author who is interested in exploring alternatives to traditional publicity, congratulations on taking the first step. This world is new and scary for some, but I hope I can explain that hiring me to help supplement your publicity efforts will benefit you, and your overall standing in the publishing world.

What I do is find online buzz for books. The addition of blogs and social networking, have made publicity more accessible and personal. There are 50 million + blogs in the world, and bloggers form tightly knit, loyal communities. They trust one another's thoughts and opinions, support each other's actions, and update their groups through extensive networks.

This is where publicity is going. Newspaper subscriptions are down. People listen to preprogrammed music. One blogger told me how he recently spoke at a convention that discussed public relations and blogging. He referred to me as 'the best PR person he's ever worked with 'because I actually read his content and know what he is about'. I enjoy taking the time to make certain that what I am offering will be of real interest to the reviewer instead of blasting with spam and hoping for the best.

With this approach, much research and hundreds of emails, I have befriended many of the bloggers in this world. There are hundreds of bloggers who comment on books and whose reviews are well respected online. Bloggers are eager to get their hands on books to talk about. Since these sites are individually managed, it is much easier to form a relationship with them and maintain follow-ups than it is through traditional publicity avenues.

If hired to represent you, I will contact people online and send a weekly update with a mailing list of where books should be sent. Having the books shipped directly from you helps keep my fees down. I then manage all follow-ups, and alert the client when reviews are posted. Project costs vary based on the size and length of a project. Email some materials to me and I will let you know what I think!

Looking forward to working with you soon,
Lisa Roe
onlinepublicist [AT] gmail [DOT] com