Wednesday, July 14, 2010

court room exploits & a giveaway

I have a lot of catching up to do with everyone! I've had several short work weeks and I'm working hard to get back on track.

Last week, a friend had a court date for a speeding ticket and I went with him. I'm pretty fascinated with how things work behind the marble walls of our enormous courthouse and he promised to show me where I would need to go for my forthcoming stint with jury duty. It turned out to be pretty anticlimactic, with ticket reductions flying out the door, into the hallway I was waiting in.
The reason I was waiting in the hall? This: NO READING MATERIALS? Those damn readers getting all distracted and invested in their books, completely ignoring the grueling amount of time being spent in a tiny, stuffy room surrounded by disgruntled drivers. Yeah. That'll learn em not to speed!

But the flip side was the enormous amount of reading time I was granted during jury duty and how much I despised it. Not 'despised' so much, but the whole experience in general was frustrating. Trapped in a room with 50 other people for two days, told when to take breaks and eat lunch, shuffled around the courthouse, only to be sent back to 'the room' after a couple of hours of was just tiring. And I prefer to read in my comfy chairs.

Overall, I'm just sort of confused with how the whole operation worked. They were calling alternate jurors in as they were sending 30 of us to court, only to have 17 of us come back and spend the next day in 'the room' again. Then we were sent home.

Alright, then. So now I'm going to host a giveaway so I can spend the rest of the day working and going through mail. Up for grabs is a finished copy of Manifest and a totebag!

Apologies for the quality, I snapped it with my cell phone. All you need to do to be entered is answer this question:
You're a character in a YA paranormal novel. Comment with your character name and/or power.

That's it! Contest is open internationally and will run until a week from today: July 21. Good luck!


Jenny said...

No Reading Materials?!?!?

So, how were you able to end up reading?

OnlinePublicist said...

Ah, because it was two different visits to the courthouse! It was traffic court where no reading was allowed, but the room where I went for jury duty was different. :-)

Jess (The Cozy Reader) said...

I'd love to be a shifter be it werewolf or were-other creature. I'd love a unique name like Honey or Fiona. :)

Love the tote bag.

And your time at the court house sounds crazy boring. ;)

LuAnn said...

As a journalist, I've spent my fair share of time in the courtroom. I've also been called for jury duty and hated the long waits to see if I was even selected.

One time, they even called me in for a potential trial on a subject I had reported on. I knew the officers, all the circumstances and still ... no excusing me. Yet, after I sat there for hours, they finally took my name off the list and never told me why. Duh!

skyla11377 said...

What a nice giveaway and a kool tote bag.

My character's name would be Skyla and I would be a Daywalking Vampire like the cullen's from The Twilight Sage By Stephanie Meyer and Simon from The Mortal instruments Series By Cassandra Clare. I always loved the name Skyla because not a lot of people have that name and it is just a pretty name and I LOVE Vampires.


Alessandra @Out of the Blue said...

Alexis Greensleeves.
Power: invisibility :)


Serena said...

What would they do if they caught you with reading materials? Kick you out...hold you in contempt? That's just dumb.

Ari said...

I would be... *looks around* Rubber Duck. and my power would be... THE ABILITY TO SHOOT SOAP BUBBLES FROM MY FINGERS!

Oh yeah ;)


Denise said...

Name: Seali

Power: Healer

Bookfool said...

Crap, Denise already chose my superpower. So . . .

My name would be Ophelia and my power is something akin to what Mickey Mouse did -- levitating and animating objects so that the broom can wash the dishes and rags clean the floor on their own, etc.

It's not as exciting as healing, but I have to be different. ;)

NO READING MATERIALS???? That is so wrong.

Erika Lynn said...

i want to be able to control time, there just isn't enough hours in the day to read all i want and work full time

Vickie said...

Lady K says: Ruby Girl and her power would be to create sparkling diamonds.

Or Flower Girl and her power would be to create flower blooms in all colors wherever they were needed.

VWinship at aol dot com

Amber Stults said...

My super power would be teleportation.

Name would be Samantha Bright.

amber at amberstults dot com

Anonymous said...

My name would be: Dominique

Power would be: physical & mental domination


Libby's Library said...

OMGoodness - I already have a super power. Just call me:
Magical Mama
I have eyes in the back of my head.
I can tell when a child is lying to me.
I already know that said child didn't really clean up his/her room.
I can fold laundry at the speed of lightening, and feed a family of 12 with just 1 pound of hamburger, 4 boxes of Hamburger Helper, and a couple of cans of cream of mushroom soup (with the mushroom bits removed:-)
On top of all that - I raised 10 kids and pull my hair out..maybe I pulled on theirs a little, but it all grew back eventually.
Just go ahead and send the book and bag to me...ya know ya want to!


Libby's Library said...

Correction - I DIDN'T pull my hair out. Obviously proof reading isn't one of my super powers:-)

BTW - never been to court, and never hope to. I'll always gotten dismissed via the mail, because of having small children. Now I'm medically excused - and very grateful. I'd probably end up being arrested for saying exactly what I think!

Anonymous said...

Cool contest.
Hmm. My name would be Fate and I'd be an illusionist, able to make people see things that aren't actually there. Spooky :)

Tynga said...

Umm I'm a paranormal character
My name is Tynga (which isn't my real name btw ^.-)
I am a shapeshifter
and long with my obvious ability to change shape I have combat skill and speed =)

Thanks for the great giveaway =)

pirate penguin said...

Jury duty sounds horrid. But at least you survived! ;)

And that's a cell phone picture? The quality is pretty good!

Hmm, my paranormal name... I'd call myself Danica and I'd want to be able to move things with my mind. >D

Autumn said...

I'd want my name to be Bliss and I'd like to be a mind-reading fairy...I wonder if such things exist LOL

That jury duty sounds worse than some of the justice that gets doled out.

mbreakfield said...

I'm a white tiger shifter named Sorsha.

Michelle said...

The ability to slow down time, with frustrations that I can't speed it up. I could see a plot involving a YA character who slowly learns to use her power for the *right* moments (to save someone, for example) by way of all the mistakes she makes slowing down time for the *wrong* moments. :) And her name? Miss Lucy Abendroth, whose family was of high social standing until the war, so she has to learn her power (which fell upon her at the age of 16, of course) while she navigates her new life in poverty.

mi at wherewerewe dot org

Anonymous said...

My name would be Judge and I would be able to read in court without being caught. SMILE