Monday, December 21, 2009

Dewey Tree Donations

Finally I am able to post my own Dewey Tree Donation pic. I wanted to do it last week, but the batteries died in my camera and remembering to buy batteries fell way to the bottom of my 'to do' list.

That's yours truly on the right and that's India McCanse, Exeutive Director of Literacy Services of Wisconsin on the left. It's not a hugely impressive stack of books, but since I either bike or bus it to the literacy center, it's easier for me to bring a few at a time.

The bike/bus mode of transport also accounts for that slightly ratty, rockin side ponytail I have going on there. The hair is just getting too long to fit under hats, and scarves, and is just getting in the way. But no worries! It gets cut today! Yay!


Serena said...

Nice stack of books. Looks like the project is going well.

Kay said...

Actually, my first thought on seeing the picture was "Wow, I love the hair" :)

Beth F said...

Mine are going into AAUW bin next week -- photo will be made.

Elizabeth said...

I know this is maybe not the comment you were looking for, but I LOVE the side ponytail!! My best friend in jr. high/high school had gorgeous long brown hair that she always wore in a side ponytail. AHH, the memories...=)

OnlinePublicist said...

So much side pony chatter! LOL. My hair is really thick, and in when I'm stuffed into my winter gear, I have to pull it to the side otherwise the hood on my coat doesn't stay up. hehe.

Looking forward to that pic, Beth F!