Thursday, September 3, 2009

Book Art

I came across the work of artist Nicholas Jones while trolling around online. I was looking into library sculptures when I discovered his book art through this article. Isn't it beautiful? I can't even imagine the time it must have taken to make such a delicate looking cut in such a substantial piece of material. He cuts, folds, tears, and sews their pages and takes that which was previously discarded and delivers it, reborn, into the world. Some may not find the beauty in this work is worth the dissection of the books. The artist addresses that idea on his website: "Although sometimes iconised for their content or historical importance, more often than not, books are discarded as cultural detritus. These transformed books aim to highlight the poetic nature of the book as form."

He speaks very passionately about books and I feel his work evokes the beauty contained within them. Each page becomes a work of art. Every sentence offered a chance to shine. The pages working together again, telling a different story.

What do you think? Is it art or a travesty against written works?


christinemm said...

I think they are art. Many books get thrown in the trash. One culprit is public libraries. Some near me throw the books away in secret, fearful the patrons (taxpayers) will find out. Some librarians have confided in me and my friends that citizens often don't like to see the used books resold even at libary fundraiser sales as they would rather keep them in circulation. I'd rather they be sold used to used book buyers.

So making art of old books is better than just tossing them in the trash bin.

Our curbside recycling program does not allow us to put books up for paper recycling, but we can go one town over in person to put them in a special bin for recycling if we want.

I usually donate all my used books, freecycle them or bring them to used book shops.

Serena said...

I like the creativity of this art, but I cringe when looking at it.

Jessica Kennedy said...

If they are text books I'm cool with it. Anything else would upset me. :( I don't really like it.

Sharon's Garden of Book Reviews said...

These are spectacular, but I'm with everyone else...I kinda cringe at using books!

Christina said...

Since when are books sacred that we can't let any harm or defilement come to them?

The care and time to develop what these books would look like and to execute them is obviously painstaking in detail.

I love my books and hate to see someone tossing their own around destroying the spine or dog-earring - but these cuts aren't out of disrespect or apathy - the artist saw something - much like a sculptor sees the statute hidden in a slab of stone.