Thursday, April 9, 2009

Easter weekend well wishes...

(I can't decide whether this pic is whimsical, nostalgic, and cute, or terrifying beyond all reason. Feel free to share your thoughts!)

Well, it's Easter weekend, and while the thought of enjoying a relaxing weekend seems so wonderfully tempting, I know the reality will be somewhere more like get in the car, get out of the car, buy eggs, color eggs, hide eggs, stuff baskets, cook, clean, keep clean, have alternate outfits on hand in case not clean, and make sure all those eggs are accounted for!

But I do have plans to play this amazingly fun game that is my new, all-time favorite! It's called BookWorm, but it's not the BookWorm you think it is. I know there is an online Scrabble-like game that goes by the same name, but this one is very different.

It's a board game and it's simplicity is genius: the players move around the board, (each space on the board represents a letter of the alphabet) if you land on a vowel or a question mark, you're up! The player to your right picks a card and reads the selection on it out loud. Every selection is a passage from a book! Books that represent literature from the 18th Century on. After the selection is read, the reader asks the player a series of questions to see how well they were paying attention. There are questions asking characters names, colors used to describe scenes, scents mentioned, or other descriptive details. And it. is. Awesome!

The game was a gift to my better half many moons ago. He has no idea where it came from. And I can't find it online! Can you believe it? Because of the spelling of words and the books used, I believe it's British, but just don't know. It's become my misson to find it because I think all my booklover friends would love it as much as I do.

Has anyone else heard of or played this game?


Joanne said...

Uhhh that pic is creepy to the max :|

The Bookworm game sounds amazing! Hope you have a great Easter holiday :)

Joanne said...

Oh I forgot, I think more info on the Bookworm game can be found here: It sounds like what you have described.

OnlinePublicist said...

Joanne you are amazing! That IS the game that I was talking about! I will have to do a new post with that link because it really is the coolest game ever. Thanks so much for locating it. ;-)

How did you find it?

Joanne said...

The hubs actually had that boardgame website bookmarked (he's looking for really old Star Wars games lol) and I happened to take a peek awhile back for trivia games and your blog post reminded me of having seen it.

Anonymous said...